The Brig-20

These are 20 of the most biomechanically efficient exercises that you can use to enhance your physique with minimal risk of injury and joint pain. You will come to learn that you can develop a well defined physique without having to put weight on your spine and performing squats or performing a deadlift. This is where we will apply the Physics and Logic to achieve the body that you are after.

Plan Includes

  • A series of workouts designed to work your entire body

  • 24/7 online chat capabilities

  • A workout plan customized to you and the equipment that you have available using the Brig-20 exercises

  • Accountability

  • Results you can be proud of

How it works

  • Purchase the Brig-20 Plan
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Gain Access (24 - 48 hrs)
  • Review the plan and become acclimated with the training app
  • Ask questions by way of chat, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Google Meet, etc...
  • Begin working out and earn your results
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